12v Swan Neck Halogen - 1.5m lead with AMP plug
  ‘Reno’ - swivel head
MR11, 12v 20w,
brushed chrome
[stainless steel]
or chrome
Transformers – Integrated auto reset, short circuit & overload protection, dimmable with standard dimmers, radio interference suppression
    60VA, 3 way AMP socket,
circuit active from 10w

105VA, 6 way AMP socket,
circuit active from 20w
Touch Transformer – with 1.9m dimming & switching lead
  105VA, 6 way AMP socket,
short circuit & overload
  For switching on/off & dimming by finger touching a metal item which
is attached to the 1.9m sensor lead e.g. the fixing point of the light fitting. May be used to operate up to 5 x G4 12v 20w
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