Hanging Rail - 28mm wide, 28.5mm high
1.0m anodised aluminium

2.0m anodised aluminium
Pair of plastic end brackets
Pair of metal end brackets
Diffuser Covers for all above - (except Mini & Wide surface)
  1.0m Slide-in diffuser
PSIDIFW1 - white
PSIDIFF1 - frosted
PSIDIFT1 - transparent

2.0m Slide-in diffuser
PSIDIFW2 - white
PSIDIFF2 - frosted
PSIDIFT2 - transparent
  1.0m Push-in diffuser
PPIDIFW1 - opal white
PPIDIFT1 - transparent

2.0m Push-in diffuser
PPIDIFW2 - opal white
PPIDIFT2 - transparent
  1.0m Push-in lens diffuser
PPLDIFT1 - transparent

2.0m Push-in lens diffuser
PPLDIFT1 - Transparent
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